Hey, I’m Spencer.

I’m into:

Beautiful Design.

Telling Humanity’s Stories.

Creating With a Team.


I am a dedicated image and content creator based in Houston, Texas. A native Texan, SCAD graduate, and admirer of all things beautifully designed and produced, I aim to create photographs that tell a compelling story for companies, brands, and magazines.

Photography has been my wheel house since 2008. Concepting, producing, and retouching projects has become my passion as well as finding a place in the photography community wherever I go. Working tirelessly on projects large and small rewards me in the most satisfactory way. Super incredible things get created with incredible people, that are ABOUT incredible people. That’s amazing.

I serve on the ASMP Houston board as chapter President and involve myself as much as possible in my photo community. After all, this life thing is all about people.